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Musik Video

From The Shed

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We Supply the Elements, You Make the Film.

Everything you need to Learn, Practice and Develop your video editing skills.

“This is so necessary! For an aspiring editor like myself, it’s like having water when you are trying to learn to swim! So glad I found this!” 

Nils Persimon, Film Student

“What great content for the beginners out there and people who just want something constructive to do. I applaud this! So many people are always so lost when it comes to how to begin doing what they love...here’s a first step that many never had!”

Blaine Thomas Childers, Director/Writer/Actor

“These FilmKits are really fun! I learned so much by playing around with them. Thanks!”

Ramon Melitez, Film Student

What's a FilmKit?

Learn by Doing

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